Kaley Kinjo & The Hypocrites

Kaley Kinjo is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Alberta, Canada. As a songwriter Kaley has a wide versatility; ranging from acoustic roots and reggae, to folk rock ballads and soul pop. As a singer and performer Kinjo has a unique presence, pleasing crowds where ever he goes with his strong vocals, great musicianship and groovy rhythms. His thoughtful lyrics are carefully crafted together with deliciously catchy melodies and tasty grooves which are served over a bed of experienced musicality and performing talent. 

As a bassist and multi-instrumentalist, Kaley has also performed with dozens of different artists, on stage and in the studio, in many genres and a wide variety of settings; from 10 person capacity coffee shops to 20,000+ person crowds.  From backing folk artists in intimate spaces, to rocking thousands of dancers at festivals; Kinjo has had a wide range of experience.  Kaley has also had the pleasure of working with many reputable acts such as Lindsay Ell, Kiesza, Mocking Shadows, Jory Kinjo, Ann Vriend, Plaid Tongued Devils, Rachelle Van Zanten, Diamantes, Kazufumi Miyazawa & Matt Blais.   

Kaley has appeared on radio and television programs in Western Canada, as well as television and radio programs in Japan and Australia. 

During his years playing bass for a gypsy rock band called the Plaid Tongued Devils, Kinjo toured Western Canada and Europe, billing with folk, roots, and world music groups.  

Kinjo has returned to his father’s roots recently, spending time in Okinawa in Southern Japan (an island distinct for its musical heritage) performing and collaborating with artists there. He has had the pleasure of working with popular artists in Japan (Alberto Shiroma, Diamantes, Kazufumi Miyazawa) and has performed on multiple television commercials and stage productions there as well. Kaley also has a project with his brother Jory, under the name Kinjo Brothers. The Kinjo Brothers tour in Japan yearly, and have performed at multiple festivals by invitation (WUF Festival and the Naha Matsuri Festival).  

Kaley has performed with his brother’s groups and The Mocking Shadows many times in the past on vocals, bass, keyboards, guitar and even percussion. 

Kinjo will be releasing his 2nd album of originals entitled “Starboard View” in early 2019 which will be available on all popular platforms.

Kaley is also working on an album of english versions of popular Japanese Songs.