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Starlight Lounge 2016

Starlight Lounge

A cast of 9 outstanding singers backed up by a 17 piece big band.

Starlight Lounge is built on the music of legendary lyricist Johnny Mercer. His collaborations with a huge variety of composers have given us a wealth of timeless material.  Romantic ballads like "Skylark" and "Moon River",  fun songs like "Accentuate the Positive" and "Save the Bones for Henry Jones" mixed with some up tempo big band classics like "Skyliner" and Big Noise from Winnetka"  make for a deeply satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable program.

Starlight Lounge is conceived, written and directed by Fran Rude, Ken Rogers is the musical director

The Singers

Mark Campbell     Morgan Day     Jessica Ens

George Gallant     Jordana Kohn     Sheena Lawson

Diane Llewelyn-Jones     Dave Mikuliak     Mark Ward

Master of Cermonies - Tony Deys

The Band

Ken Rogers - Conductor

Ryan Heseltine     Brian Thorlacius     Andrew Ichikawa     Paul Walker     Scott Reiter

Jerry Rogers     Blair Proctor     Curtis Perrin     Ron Garnett

Josh Davies     Don Robb     Ken Lewis     Mark Ward

Rhythm Section
Don Ponech - piano     Catherine McLaughlin - Bass    
Drew Erfle - guitar     Neil Sheets - drums

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